Pool Table Room Sizes

Will desired pool table room sizes accommodate your billiard table?

Knowing your pool table room size is of real importance when purchasing a pool table. This data will help us to know how to install your pool table. Knowing this ensures your table will be installed in the right place for maximum playability.

One should know their pool table room sizes before moving a billiard table in

For example, pricing for service or pool table repair will be set for an 8-foot table but if when our technicians arrive to find that your pool tables it’s actually a 9-foot it could really complicate the job and in most cases, this will change the price of a moving job.

When refelting a pool table, the industry norm is supplied, pre-cut billiard felt.

What does this mean?

We arrive with pre-cut material to do the service. If you schedule for an 8-foot billiard table but when arriving we find a 9-foot billiard table instead, we may not even have the correct cloth size to finish your job, which could also incur additional trip charges.

Pool table size is important for a successful job and it’s super handy to know when checking the pool table room size in your home.

Pool table room sizes recommendations for most billiards tables

7′ x 3 ½’ – 7 foot pool table needs roughly 17′ x 13½’

8′ x 4′ – 8 foot pool table needs roughly 18′ x 14′

9′ x 4 ½’ – 9 foot pool table needs roughly 19′ X 14½’

Measure from tip of bumper to tip of bumper across the width of your pool table to find your table size.  You can find the pool table room size required by determining what size your pool table is.

This is especially important when calling for pricing, refelting or moving your pool table because this will change the pricing on both services.

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